Thinkery Volunteer Spotlight: Emily


Our Thinkery Blog regularly features one of our amazing volunteers and their fantastic work at Thinkery. This month we feature Emily Schwartz, who has played a very important role in providing valuable knowledge of Engineering. Read about her fun work here at Thinkery. If you’re interested in volunteering, check out our Volunteer page.

Written by Emily Rosenbloom

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Emily has played a very important role as a Spark Club volunteer over the last three months. Not only does she exude consistent positivity and serve as an amazing facilitator for inquiry-based learning in Space 8, but she contributes valuable insight into program development based on her own personal experiences and expertise. Her contributions and feedback have helped make Spark Club even more unique. During her time at Carnegie Mellon University, Emily developed her engineering skills while volunteering at after school programs, summer programs, and Carnegie Science Center. She strives to promote diversity and enjoys focusing on educating young people, specifically girls and minorities about STEAM.

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Emily’s work experience ranges from projects such as the Panama Canal to very small structures. She began her career in hydraulic structure design, has worked as a civil engineer for eight years, and currently is involved in structural inspection. Upon moving to Austin, Emily discovered Thinkery and has been a loyal volunteer ever since. She appreciates how the Thinkery reuses materials and encourages children to apply them in a creative way. While some places only work with flashy cutting edge tools, here, we also provide opportunities to be innovative.

We are thankful for all of our volunteers, and appreciate Emily for all that she brings to Thinkery.

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