Thinkery Volunteer Spotlight: Heather

Our fantastic volunteer Heather (on the left!).
Our fantastic volunteer Heather (on the left!).

Each month the Thinkery blog highlights one of our amazing volunteers and their fantastic work at the Thinkery. This month we feature Heather, who has been volunteering with us since January, and interned with us last year! Below, Heather describes some of her favorite projects as a volunteer and some of her favorite reasons for volunteering here at the Thinkery. Thanks Heather for all your hard work!

How long have you been volunteering/interning here?
My volunteer work with the Thinkery began in January of this year, and I interned with the Austin Children’s Museum from May through August of last year.

Where did you go to school, and what was your area of focus?
I graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in English.

Why did you want to volunteer/intern at the Thinkery?
I enjoyed working with the Austin Children’s Museum as an intern, and I support the Thinkery in its mission to provide an enthusiastic and fun atmosphere for children to learn and grow as thinkers. As an AmeriCorps member, the Thinkery was the perfect place to volunteer and develop a partnership in my community.

Heather helping in Kitchen Lab

What is your favorite exhibit/program of the museum and why?
I enjoy working in the Kitchen Lab, cooking up delicious and healthy foods. The family workshops that take place in the Kitchen Lab are a fun way to engage with families that are interested in making easy but nutritious meals and snacks, and I’ve experimented with some of the recipes on my own time because they are just that good!

What has been your best moment at the museum?
The best moment I have experienced during my time at the museum would have to be volunteering at the Grand Opening for the Thinkery. Seeing so many families in awe of how fascinating and unique the new museum is was such a positive experience, and I enjoyed being a part of that special occasion.

What is the best story you have about working with our visitors?
Working with visitors as a Birthday Party Volunteer has been a wonderful experience for me because I have had the opportunity to assist with science experiments and learn how to make it fun! Talking to parents about the experiments and how they can recreate similar concoctions at home is always a joy.  It’s great to see how excited some party-goers get when they learn how materials around the house can become science experiments with just a little know-how.

How has your work here influenced your life?
Working with the Thinkery and the Austin Children’s Museum has shown me that I do have a passion for working with children, and that revelation has influenced my decision to work in education. There is something unique about educating children through fun and exploration, and it shows in how engaged the children are while they are learning at the Thinkery.

What is something in your life that that you LOVE?  
My book collection. The best days I have are those spent lost in a bookstore.

What is your all-time favorite thing to do on your time off?
Living in Austin, there is never an end to the possibilities of delicious places to eat, so I enjoy going out to restaurants and exploring food trailers on my time off.

Thanks Heather for your responses and your awesome work! For more information about Volunteering, check out our Volunteer page.

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