Thinkery Volunteer Spotlight: Sintra


Yay, it’s time for another Thinkery Volunteer Spotlight!

At Thinkery, we are so thankful for our volunteers—their time, service and commitment is crucial to the museum’s success. Here on the Thinkery blog, we love highlighting the fantastic work and contributions put forth by our incredible roster of volunteers, VolunTeens and interns. Today, we’re excited to celebrate Sintra.

Sintra joined the Thinkery volunteer team in 2014. Since joining, she has been a dedicated and reliable volunteer for several of our public and educational programs. We are beyond thankful for her consistent and invaluable support—we don’t know what we’d do without her.

In her time here, she has contributed nearly 150 hours of service. (Yay, Sintra!) There’s no doubt about it—we are incredibly grateful to have wonderful volunteers like Sintra to help carry out our mission.

Below you can read about the impact she has made on our staff, but she has also had great impact on visitors by helping to make sure they have engaging and meaningful experiences each and every time they visit Thinkery. Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do, Sintra!

From the Public Programs team:

“Sintra brings a great spirit and attitude every time she enters Meredith Learning Lab. She’s helped us out so much behind the scenes, getting materials ready for birthdays, Thinkery21s and our public programs, and she always helps to make other volunteers feel welcome in our space as well!”

From the Early Learners team:

Sintra has been such a big help with prepping materials for Baby Bloomers. She always brings the most positive attitude and interesting stories. She is a pleasure to have around. We are incredibly grateful for all her hard work and dedication to Thinkery’s Early Learner programming.” 

Interested in becoming a Thinkery volunteer? Click here to find out how you can make a difference.

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