Thinkery21: Science of Sex

Thursday, February 14, 7–10 pm


Sold out!


Grown-ups can enjoy an evening at the Thinkery on their own. At Thinkery21 we close the museum to kids and let adults, ages 21 and up, eat, drink and mingle while experiencing innovative science, and art.

WARNING! This is not your average Thinkery event. From wafting aromatic plants that arouse the senses to paper crafting to anatomical models. Thinkery21: Science of Sex explores the ins and outs of attraction, sex, and reproduction.

Potent Potions – Can scents seduce? Ethnobotanist, Dr. MollyO discusses the science and chicanery of aromatherapy, its role in love and romance, and its effects on your mood and motivations.


Sexpertise – Test your knowledge with Sex Ed Trivia and Moontower Counseling.


Dirty Dancing – Get slow and sultry as Go Dance teaches you the moves to woo that special someone.


The Joys of Biodiversity – Protect wildlife with Endangered Species Condoms! Learn how with the Center for Biological Diversity.


Anatomical Origami – It’s the ancient art of paper folding with a reproductive biology twist.


Gallery of the Erotic – Tour local Austin artist Tee Hollow’s photography exhibition.


Rainbow Alphabet Soup – Join Shane Whalley in demystifying the ingredients of the LGBTQIA rainbow.


Evil Wiener Food Truck - Satisfy your earthly cravings with classic American hot dogs presented in new and exciting ways.


Old-Timey Terms – Learn antiquated slang terms for sex and share your own favorites while playing an interactive trivia game with UN|HUSHED.


Don't Be a Drag, Just be a Queen – The indelible Jakarta Rimes will be Mistress of Ceremonies.


Texas Professional DJ – Spinning theme appropriate tunes all night.


Stretch It to The Limit—Explore and test the properties of condoms and find out how strong they really are with UN|HUSHED.


Turn On The Red Light--Join Austin History Center as they take you on a historical romp through Austin’s first red light district, Guy Town.


Never Have I Ever—Share your deepest desires and learn about others.  See, you’re not so weird.


Insert Naughty Verb Here - Create cheeky cards with Peach Fuzz magazine! Fill your Valentine's box with sex-positive mad libs and DIY designs to your heart's (and loin's) desire.


Sexploration - Explore the insides of toys with Q Toys! Find out what makes them tick and what components to avoid when choosing one for yourself.


Techniques For Touch - Licensed therapists from 12 Star Massage will teach you and your partner basic massage skills that will improve health and well-being.


Mouth Feel - Learn about which properties of wine most titillate your tongue with Donna Rene.


Safe and Sane Sensations – On a budget but still curious about sensation play? Rediscover everyday household items while learning about the physiology of the body with Forbidden Fruit.


Talk Dewey To Me - Attention all bibliophiles! Stay sexy and keep reading with salacious selections from the Austin Public Library. Check out Fabio while also checking out a book!


Let’s talk about consent, baby. - Can I (verb) your (noun)? Talking about consent doesn’t have to be awkward. Practice crafting consent conversations with your pals at Planned Parenthood!


Snuggle Sanctuary - Did you know that our skin is our largest organ and there are lots of health benefits to platonic touch? Learn how touch can be medicine with professional Cuddlers Janet Trevino and Epiphany Jordan.


Guess the Gestational Period – Think 9 months is long? You’ll be amazed at the ways animals have adapted in order to incubate their eggs to ensure their species’ survival. Learn alongside the Austin Nature and Science Center!


Flavors of Love – Devour decedent desserts as Lady Quackenbush’s Cakery shares the physical effects that aphrodisiac flavors have on the body.


Lash out—Learn how to apply the perfect strip lash and glimpse into the scientific and psychological reasons why we’re drawn to long, luscious lashes with Blink Beauty.


Behind the Scenes - What is healthy? Observe and react to scenes depicting relationship experiences with Dr. Vagdevi and the Center for Relationships and decide how you might flip the script.


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About Thinkery21

Thinkery21 is for adults 21+ only. Each evening explores a different topic, but all include a cash bar, special activities and delicious nibbles from local food trucks. Enjoy live performances by local artists and musicians, dive into a topic with inventive scientists, and explore cutting-edge technology with programmers and designers.

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Cancellation Policy

Thinkery will not issue a refund for the cost of the ticket if you are unable to attend the event. Thinkery reserves the right to cancel a program if registration for the event does not meet the minimum enrollment requirements. If Thinkery cancels a program, a full refund will be issued to all registrants.

Please note, Thinkery cannot validate parking in the McBee Street District Garage for special events or programs occurring outside of our General Admission operating hours.