Fall on the Farm


Fall is finally here! At Thinkery, we’re kicking off the spookiest, kookiest season of them all with a brand-new, fall-themed Baby Bloomers series. What can we say? We feel like celebrating!

Join us this October for Fall on The Farm, a hands-on exploration of everything that makes this season so special. From jumping in piles of leaves to constructing corn husk paintbrushes to a costumed Halloween celebration, we’re ready to discover all the fun fall has to offer. In each program, children ages 0–3 and their caregivers play, imagine and investigate while enjoying immersive, age-appropriate activities that support the social, emotional and cognitive development of early learners.

What are you waiting for? Welcome in fall at Thinkery!

Fall on the Farm - Fall Leaves

Falling Leaves
Saturday, October 1, 9–10 am
Watch out for falling leaves as we discover the warm colors of the season. We will crumble, paint and jump into piles of leaves! Help us say goodbye to summer and welcome in fall.

No Baby Bloomers on Monday, October 3—Thinkery is closed for maintenance.

Fall on the Farm - Corn Popping Good Time

Corn Popping Good Time!
Saturday, October 8, 9–10 am
Pop, pop, pop your way over to Thinkery as we investigate a fall staple, corn! We will make a corn husk paint brush, weigh little corn kernels and make our own corn go pop, pop, pop!

No Baby Bloomers on Monday, October 10—join us for our fun-filled Early Learners Workshops.

Fall on the Farm - AnimalMayhem

Animal Mayhem!
Saturday, October 15, 9–10 am
Monday, October 17, 9 am–12 pm

Help Old MacDonald wrangle up his wild farm animals! We will waddle like ducks, build the three little pigs a sturdy house and make sure the cow has ALL her spots.

Fall on the Farm - It's Harvest Time

It’s Harvest Time!
Saturday, October 22, 9–10 am
Monday, October 24, 9 am–12 pm

When the harvest moon is high in the sky it’s time to bring in the harvest. Together we will learn the difference between a fruit and a vegetable, work on color matching and find out how we can eat a vegetable rainbow!

Fall on the farm - Five Little Pumpkins

Five Little Pumpkins
Saturday, October 29, 9–10 am
Let’s roll into the pumpkin patch and explore all things pumpkin! We will make a pumpkin erupt like an orange volcano, get messy sorting through pumpkin seeds and paint a beautiful mini pumpkin just in time for Halloween.

Fall on the Farm - Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!
Monday, October 31, 9 am–12 pm

Come dressed in your costume as we celebrate the spookiest day of the year! We’ll make franken-worms come to life, paint creepy-crawly recycled spiders and build a pumpkin tower.

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