Making Maker Resolutions


2014 has so far been a blast at the Thinkery! We’ve welcomed thousands of visitors to the new museum, we’ve held fun STEAM Family Workshops (with more to come!), and we successfully launched the first Thinkery21, our monthly afterhours series for adults 21 & up. There’s so much more fun on the horizon this year!

At this time of year, it’s pretty typical to hear all about “New Year’s Resolutions”, that is, various goals or promises a person makes to themselves for the year. It can be easy to frame resolutions as impossible, over the top and unrealistic plans for self-improvement, but when done right, a resolution can be a fun and exciting goal for the year! At the Thinkery, we’re all about connecting with people and ideas by doing, making and experiencing. To kick off the year, our team of Thinkers, interns, MCL students, and volunteers decided to make resolutions that focused on creating something within this new year. These Maker Resolutions were written on Post-It notes, collected and put on a trifold board- here’s what we collected.

Rather than just making resolutions, let’s actually make!


From art to food to woodworking to sewing to writing to scrapbooking to metalworking to programming, the Thinkery team is made up of some fairly diverse makers! It sounds like a lot of exciting projects will be put together this year, and we want to follow these Maker Resolutions throughout 2014! Keep checking out the Thinkery blog throughout the year as we catch up with these Thinkers, how their projects are coming along, what sort of challenges they may have faced, and what they learned from their Maker Resolutions. Maybe these Maker Resolutions will inspire more creativity, more playfulness, more innovation, and more making!

Do you have a Maker Resolution for this year? Tell us in the comments, or share with us on Twitter (@thinkeryatx), or on Instagram (thinkeryatx)!

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