National Teacher Appreciation Day!


Happy National Teacher Appreciation Day!

We love our Educators! Thinkery works closely with local teachers through Field Trips, EdExchange, Educator Workshops and more! We’ve seen up-close how hardworking and dedicated they are to improving their students’ lives. Thank you, teachers, for all that you do!

We’re thrilled to highlight a few of the many amazing local educators we’ve met through our EdExchange program: Sophia Pellegrini from Padron Elementary and Lindsey Hunt and Katie O’ Halloran from Galindo Elementary. Learn more about these teachers and the impact EdExchange has had on their teaching practice and students as they share memorable moments from their classroom.


Q: What inspired you to become a teacher?


Q: Describe one of your favorite moments during your EdExchange experience?


Q: How has your EdExchange experience shaped the work you do?


Q: What’s something you took away from EdExchange that had an impact on your students in the classroom?


Q: Can you share examples of moments where you noticed growth in your students?

Thinkery offers several professional development opportunities for educators. Click here to learn more about our professional development options!


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